Koh Phaluai is the largest island of the national marine park "Angthong National Marine Park". It is located to the south of this archipelago of islands and is about 25 kms as the crow flies west of Koh Samui. Its area is 19.1 km².

It is divided into 2 parts, the northern part is part of the National Park and the southern part of the private estate. It is in this part of the island that the population of about 500 inhabitants, composed mainly of fishermen.

The island is still very new for tourism. Yet the island has many attractions for tourists eager to spend a quiet and close to nature.

Koh Phaluai is also named Green Island because the electricity needs of the island come from renewable energies, solar and wind. If these energies are currently individual, the authorities plan to create a photovoltaic solar park in order to bring electricity throughout the households.

Koh Phaluai map

Map Angthong National Marine Park